向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼 黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海



Birthday gift to the great Chinese People’s Liberation Army The Yellow River visited Qinghai in the Millennium Qing Dynasty

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


Bayi on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the most influential people, the Yellow River in one thousand qing once Internet electronic mall chairman of the board, encyclopedia national physician leading, the new era model, the new journey with outstanding contributions, the Yellow River in one thousand qing once initiated total planning Mr Zhang Qinghai, back to Beijing to write the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of industry in Qinghai province investigation research report.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


Mr.Zhang’s investigation report has both great economic value and political significance, especially published publicly, in order to promote the development of artificial intelligence in western China in the new era. To contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.


Chen Gang, Secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee:


Qinghai province covers a total area of 720,000 square kilometers, and the mountains and hills account for more than 50% of the province’s total area. The permanent resident population is 5.95 million, and the total GDP of the province in 2022 is 361.01 billion. Today, when the real economy is in serious decline, under the premise of protecting the environment of the three rivers in Qinghai, it is urgent to introduce modern high-tech Internet and bold scientific innovation, quickly transform the rich resource advantages of Qinghai province into economic advantages, and promote the economy to make the people of Qinghai rich.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


Zhang visited a Kuqa Uygur village in Xinjiang, with an annual precipitation of only more than 70 millimeters, and took a group photo along the highway.


1. Create Sanjiangyuan artificial intelligence changes.


In order to protect the source of the three rivers in Qinghai, the country invests a lot of money in afforestation every year. However, over the past half century, the afforestation management area in Qinghai has reached more than 60 million mu, and only the annual huge investment without income, even the garden management workers can not support. Therefore, Qinghai province forestry agriculture, breeding industry comprehensive transformation and upgrading of deep processing and development of headquarters economy is imminent.


During the investigation, Mr.Zhang found that almost every poplar tree in the beautiful Xining City had to hang multiple nutrition syringes. He told the Tibetan compatriots accompanying the investigation that the geographical environment of Xining is not suitable for planting poplar poplar, but more suitable for planting improved mulberry dragon trees.


The average annual precipitation in Xining city is 5-7 times higher than that in Aksu, Xinjiang province. In the annual precipitation of only more than 70 mm of Aksu Kuqa City Uygur villages, there are more than thousands of years of ancient mulberry trees. The cost of planting a mulberry tree is very low, easy to live without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and increases at least one mu of grain income for growers every year for thousands of years.


Mulberry tree drought tolerance is more like large water and big fertilizer. Qinghai has abundant rainfall and fertile soil, which is more suitable for planting mulberry than Xinjiang, and the faster growth, higher yield. Assuming that 50 million mu of mulberry trees are planted in this half century, the mulberry leaf protein produced by one mu of improved mulberry Zhonghua dragon tree is equivalent to the income of 3 mu of soybean.(Annex 1. Letter of suggestion from eight academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to the CPC Central Committeed pesticides every year.


Fifty million mu of mulberry trees, if every autumn after the harvest frost hit 30 million tons of dry mulberry leaves. Local artificial intelligence can extract 1.5 million tons of primary green organic penicillin and vascular scavenger sangflavonoids, used to replace the chemical antibiotic penicillin, and the export price in the international market is 2.04 million yuan per ton. And high temperature extraction of high protein green Chinese medicine protein can process mulberry leaf protein powder can match mulberry powder, mulberry powder, potato starch, make high protein anti-nuclear radiation, anti-cancer, drop three high, prevent cardiovascular diseases multifunctional compression food and various organic food, and can be directly as aquaculture higprotein organic concentrate feed. It can also be directly used as winter feed for cattle and sheep, and its economic value and social contribution are inestimable.


Fifty million mu of farmland, contributing at least 15 million tons of mulberry roots and mulberry branches to Qinghai every year. Using modern cutting-edge biological high-tech, every year can cultivate the world’s top brand selenium-rich organic mulberry gold, selenium-rich organic mulberry ganoderma lucidum spore powder each 30,000 tons. Zero-pollution and zero-emission manufacturing of aerospace and UAV special high value-added methyl cellulose plate and high-end female sanitary napkins for 5 million tons

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


If in Qinghai province around the urban counties, the construction of the Chinese people’s heroic revolutionary martyrs China Dragon tree memorial forest. With the life tree of the Chinese people and the super high value golden tree that can naturally grow anti-cancer mulberry gold, to replace the worthless polluting tree species. Let the right path in the world be the vicissitudes of life, the selfless spirit of sericulture and the galloping Yellow River spirit nourish Qinghai, and let the people of Qinghai province have a bumper harvest of both spiritual and material happiness.


2. In accordance with the ” Chinese medicine embodies profound philosophical wisdom and the Chinese nation thousands of years of health concept and practical experience, is the treasure of ancient Chinese science, but also the key to open the treasure house of Chinese civilization.”Important instructions, give full play to the geographical advantages in Qinghai, and the last piece of pure land geographical advantages, in Xining can connect Belt and Road countries, at the same time integrate the most precious mulberry yellow, high value-added resources, in Qinghai to build national preciousorganic Chinese herbal medicine storage base, deep processing of pharmaceutical production headquarters base. I think this should be the most important emerging strategic pillar industry of Qinghai province at present, which can bring real tax revenue to Qinghai province.


For more than 2,700 years, Sanghuang has been one of the most precious and dazzling crown pearl in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. In order to develop high added value to activate the adolescent immunity of middle-aged and elderly people, the world’s top traditional Chinese medicine Sanghuang. It is suggested that the first World Sanghuang Industry Development Conference should be held in Qinghai province in October 2023. At the same time of recommending and promoting Qinghai to the world, it introduced mulberry yellow cancerbiopharmaceutical deep processing technical talents and investment team for Qinghai province, formulated the national production standards of organic mulberry yellow in Qinghai, and tried to make the Yellow River Millennium Qing First Internet electronic mall located in Qinghai. At the same time of building the national organic Chinese herbal medicine storage headquarters base in Xining city, the global online and offline trading centers such as organic mulberry gold, organic medicine and edible fungi will be built. The vast areas of central and western China and friendly countries along the Belt andwestern China and friendly countries along the Belt and Road route, all organic Chinese herbal medicines such as mulberry huang, mulberry huang ganoderma and precious organic local specialties will be promoted to the world through the Millennium Internet electronic mall and supporting logistics outlets around the Yellow River.


As long as the netizens click of the mouse, the Yellow River Millennium Qing once electronic mall logistics can be cheaper and cheaper organic Chinese medicine, organic food, vegetables, fruits, medicine edible fungi and organic local products, arrange flash express delivery to every corner of the global village. Let Qinghai province contribute to the country’s import and export trade and at the same time contribute a huge tax revenue to the country.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


3. Give full play to the power of large artificial intelligence high-tech equipment such as water knife shield and directional non-noise blasting, in the safest strategic rear in China, and very attractive in the hinterland of 300 kilometers outside the picturesque Qinghai Lake, and develop vast underground urban space at low cost. To build a future underground city life support system with artificial sun, constant temperature and humidity, and negative oxygen ion 20,000 to 30,000, killing and filtering all kinds of viruses and harmful micro robots and various pollution.


In the Yellow River, the picturesque and brilliant Yellow River underground city, the construction of four aggregate modern artificial intelligence high-tech industrial parks, important military industrial enterprises. The construction of the Yellow River millennium to activate the immunity of the middle-aged and elderly adolescence global medical care headquarters community demonstration base, the construction of the Yellow River millennium mulberry Chinese medicinal food city, the construction of high-end health resort tourism property rights hotel and high-endapartments, residences, orchards, vegetable gardens, modern agriculture demonstration park.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


If 2 billion cubic meters of sand and stones are developed in the first phase, they can fill the hilly valleys nearby and add 300,000 mu of high-efficiency modern mulberry fish pond for Qinghai Province. If calculated according to the target of 800,000 yuan per mu allocated to the mainland per mu, 240 billion yuan is enough to pay for the development of underground urban space. This equals almost zero cost increased 300,000 mu of valuable underground urban construction land, and almost zero cost added 300,000 mu of fertile land. This economicvalue and far-reaching strategic value of the land increase is incalculable.


In 2016, it was required to build a cancer-free medical care community. If the ai development of 600 million square meters of cancer-free medical experience community and high-end residential hotel in the hinterland of Qinghai. If there is any government policy support, Attract outstanding intellectual young people who love Chinese culture and food and are proficient in Chinese, and older unmarried young men and women from mainland first and second tier cities to get married, buy houses and settle down in Qinghai, Since avoiding extreme climate change risingsea levels and the risk of nuclear pollution has become the consensus and urgent need of all mankind, Therefore, as long as the permanent resort property right hotel of Qinghai underground city makes a good model room, Through the Yellow River millennium clear an Internet electronic mall every day thousands of people to see the house to pay a deposit or full payment, This has not only introduced a large number of outstanding intellectualyoung talents for Qinghai, And solved the cliff decline of China’s population, More than 80 million older young men and women single problem. In particular, zero cost spreads the excellent traditional culture and glorious thoughts of the Chinese nation to the world with high quality. This is thousands of times more than the massive investment in Confucius Institutes shut down by anti-China forces.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


If the price per square meter of 20,000 yuan to the world through the electronic mall, three years of the construction and sales of 600 million square meters, not only can settle more than 100,000 jobs, contribution to the output value and tax of Qinghai Province is shocking.


4. At present, mankind is facing the huge risks of nuclear war, nuclear pollution, biological war and artificial intelligence war. Extreme harsh climates such as rising sea levels have seriously threatened human survival. Therefore, the restoration of Canghai mulberry fields in Qinghai, the development of underground space in the deep mountains, and the creation of underground cities, factories, farms and orchards that are desirable, are strategic emerging industries that can improve the earth’s environment and change the globalcompetition pattern in the new era.


Mountain area accounts for 70% of the total land area, the development and utilization of underground space to create human eternal happy home conditions in ten thousand, this is wise under the leadership of the new era of western development, she is both for the Qinghai people rich development, and for the eastern coastal developed areas billion people to expand the broad survival and development space in the future.


As long as Qinghai has successfully created a headquarters demonstration model base. Through the lightning communication and promotion of new media, we will certainly attract netizens from all over the world who yearn for a better future life to visit and study in Qinghai. Qinghai can also export brand technology to the world’s countries and Chinese provinces and cities to join the franchise chain comprehensive development. This will also inject great impetus into the high-speed and high-quality economic development of Qinghai province in the new era, andcontribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

向伟大的中国人民解放军生日献礼  黄河千年清一回张国土考察青海


Zhang Quanguo took a group photo with his Tibetan compatriots in Qinghai who supported the Millennium Qing Dynasty operation of the Yellow River.

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